Professionally Installed Vegetable Oil conversion kits. Custom build to your specs. One year parts and labor warranty.

We install SVO Vegetable Oil conversion Kits for your diesel car, truck, motorhome, bus

Conversions come with a full tank to start. All conversions come custom tailored to your needs. Starting at $2500 for a custom install.

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Green eye Wicked SVO Kit available for install

In 2006 Green Eye LLC. joined the small number of
SVO/WVO conversion kit installers and designers
nationwide. An SVO system consists of a coolant heated
fuel tank, heated filter, heat exchangers, solenoids to
switch between fuels at start up and shut down, and
all the misc. hoses, clamps, gauges, and fittings. WVO
collection and filtering can be done with pumps and
filters we carry in our biofuel solutions store.

Our green eye wicked vegetable oil conversion kit is a complete kit that
comes with everything you need to run your diesel
on vegetable oil, even a waste oil pump and filter for
collecting. This kit uses top of the line components and
can be modified to suit your needs. We offer installation
on all our products and sell them individually if you
need to upgrade components.